Nagerbazar Explosion: TMC Leader Pachu Ray Claims Opposition


Kolkata: The explosion in Nagerbazar area of Dumdum has sparked panic among the locals on Tuesday morning. Meanwhile, TMC south Dumdum municipality chairman Pachu Ray has claimed the explosion was made targeting on him.He alleged the oppositions for the incident.

As his office was in the same building were the explosion has taken place and every Tuesday he visit the office. But the explosion took place today morning before he reached his office.The TMC leader alleged that explosives were kept in a bag near the office to kill him by some miscreants. Although, he didn’t named any political party but his allegations were against the opposition party. He also said that, as the opposition has failed to make a place in Bengal so they are creating such incidents.

The TMC leader Pachu Ray said to Kolkata24x7 that, “ I rushed to the spot after getting the information about the incident. I informed the police. Initially, I heard that the explosion was due to gas cylinder blast but later the suspicious bag came in my notice that was kept before the explosion. The bag was kept there by some miscreants. I visit this office on every Tuesday. Seven injured were taken to the hospital, police have found smell of gun powder in the area. As it’s national holiday today, leader and staffs were supposed to meet me today in the office. This was a planned attack.”