Nagerbazar Explosion: CID Source Claims Involvement Of B’Deshi Terrorist Group


Kolkata: The CID source claimed involvement of Bangladeshi militant organisation Ansarullah Bangla Team (ABT) in the Nagerbazar explosion that took place on Tuesday morning.

The explosion at Dumdum Nagerbazar on Tuesday morning has claimed the life of a child and injuring several others. In the initial investigation police informed that socket bomb or crude bombs were used in the incident. As per the CID sources the involvement of a Bangladeshi militant organisation has been emerged in this blast.

ABT or Ansarullah Bangla Team is a fierce religious organization. Earlier, the Bangladesh government had banned this organisation. The organization is trying to spread terror in Bangladesh by renaming their organisation as Ansar-Ul-Islam. They are involved in the killing of religious neutralists and rationalist liberals after in Bangladesh.

Meanwhile, several questions have been started to arise regarding the Nagerbazar blast case and it’s connection with the Bangladeshi terror organisation ABT. Being in vicinity to Kolkata, Dumdum is the cheapest place for livelihood, rented houses at a low cost are also available in this area. Outsiders found this place to be suitable for them to reside as transport and communication is easily available to travel Kolkata from here. As per source there are several Bangladeshi’s in the area where the explosion occurred on Tuesday. They come to Kolkata generally for the purpose of job, education and health treatment.

CID sources said, someone had left a bag that contained crude bombs (iron pipe socket bomb)under the building of TMC south Dumdum municipality chairman Pachu Ray’s office in Kazipara area of Nagerbazar. It was planned that someone else would pick up bag from the place. But in the meantime it exploded for some reason. Later, the Barrackpore commissionerate started their investigation. On Wednesday, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has directed CID to investigate the whole issue.

However, soon after the explosion the investigating officials reached the spot and started there investigation. The information was provided to the National Investigation Agency (NIA). 2nd October 2014, a remarkable day as the Khagragarh blast took place on this day. Just four years later, on the same day another explosion in Nagerbazar area also recalls the gruesome memory of the Khagragargh incident. The CID is also investigating accordingly.

According to intelligence sources, some important officials of Bangladesh Deputy High Commission reside in this area. There is also Bhutan embassy – ‘Bhutan House’. The IB officials went to investigate the area on Wednesday morning.

The intelligence sources also reported that in the month of November 2017, the state administration was informed about the presence of the Bangladeshi banned terror organizations in Dumdum area. Last year, two militants of the Ansarullah Bangla Team (ABT) were arrested (one of them was arms suppliers). During the inquiry they informed that they often stay in Dumdum.

The intelligence agency is very much sure about the ABT link behind the Nagerbazar blast. However, the presence of Bangladeshi terror organisation in the Paikapara areas and the adjacent of Dumdum has raised several questions at the security system of our state- How do the terror organisations easily enter in Bengal? Under whose shelter ?