Nabanna Utsav Starts In Rajnagar By Offering New-Rice At Dargah


Suri: Nabanna (New Rice), one of key festival of Bengal which celebrates new harvest and celebrated with new crops. The harvest festival of Nabanna is a very popular ceremony among the Hindu rice growers of Bangladesh and West Bengal, India. It typically honors the Goddess Lakshmi, who symbolizes wealth and fertility, and takes place during Agrahayana, a Bangla month that falls between November and December.

Rajnagar of Birbhum district celebrates Nabanna in a unique manner. The festival starts in a muslim Dargah. This is the tradition of Rajnagar. This year also they celebrated Nabanna in the last region of Birbhum Nabanna.

A Mir Saheb Mazar situated near Kada Kuli village of Rajnagar. There is a saying that this Sufi devotee came here 400 years ago from kirman city of Iraq. The Darga has been built in his name. The place became a uniting space for Hindu-Muslim on the first day of Aghrahayan 1. A fair organised in Rajnagar on this occasion. Fakir song, Baul song has been arranged on thid day. Nabanna is more of festival of harmony here.