Nabanna Orders To Find Out Bagri Owners Within 2 Days


Kolkata: Questions are rising over the whereabouts of the Bagri market owners. It is
being alleged that they have fled to London. The police have started an investigation. On the other hand, the government has instructed the police to find out the owners within two days.

Market Business Samiti president Asutosh Singh said, “The fire broke out because of
the owner. Now they have fled.”

Who are the owners? Asutosh Singh informs, “Srimati Radha Bagree, Varun Bagree and
Monhanlal Bagree are the direct owners of the market. But did not see their faces
in the past one year. Associates are there, but that is their internal matter.
These three are the most important. But no one came after the fire broke out. I am
hearing now that they have fled.”

Many businessmen of the market said that these three have fled to London on Sunday
night. Every businessmen said that letters were submitted to the owners several
times, but none came. It is also being alleged that though fire alarms were
installed, but they were kept shut. Sand-filled buckets were thrown too. There is
no water in the reserve tank since many days as the pump is malfunctioning.

The businessmen had lodged complaints against Lakshmi Bagree in the Burrabazar
police station. Asutosh Singh further said, “We had submitted at least 5-6 letters
to the local Burrabazar police station. We had requested the police to summon them
(owners) and talk to them directly. Discussions should be done about the necessary
monitoring system for such a big market. But no one did any work.”

On the other hand, minister Firhad Hakim after inspecting the area on Monday, said,
“Lakhsmi Bagree will be arrested. No one will escape after committing any crime. I
am telling the OC before leaving. He will take necessary steps.”

According to Lalbazar sources, Radha Bagree used to live in Burrabazar area long
time ago. After that, they shifted to south Kolkata. According to the police, they
have run away abroad.

Reported By: Souptik Banerjee, Soyeta Bhattacharya
Edited By: Saheli Dey