Nabanna Orders To Appoint Administrator In Uncontestedly Won Panchayat


Kolkata: West Bengal administrative headquarter Nabanna has ordered to designate administer where the tenure of the Panchayat has expired.

The newly formed board couldn’t start working on certain panchayat area as oppositions had filed legal case against TMC after got 34% uncontested win. Developmental work has been ceased following the legal hassle regarding Panchayat Election.

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According to Nabanna source, state government wants to keep the administrative trend active so it came out with a decision.

The legal tussle expanded with the growing time. Dates of hearing postponded but no verdict came out till now. Trinamool Congress secured 34% seats in West Bengal uncontestedly. Those are standing as snag in dissolving the case.

No time frame has been fixed, its all about time. But to keep the flow of developmental works the decision has been made by the Bengal headquarter.