Nabanna Announces Extra Holiday On Chhath Puja


Kolkata:  The state government has announced extra holiday for the state government employees after they enjoyed holidays in the occasion of Durga and Kali puja. It has been announced on the occasion of Chhath puja.

Wednesday has been declared a holiday at the governmental department. This has been announced through a notification on Monday by Nabanna. But this holiday is only for those who will perform the puja.

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Tuesday was already a holiday for Chhath Puja for the state government employees. The puja is from Tuesday evening to Wednesday morning. Hence, after completion of puja, the government employees might face problem in joining office. Hence, the holiday declared on Wednesday.

In the earlier days, there were no holidays on the occasion of Chhath Puja or Bhai Dooj. But after coming to power, chief minister Mamata Banerjee made it a point to declare holidays of these days. In 2016, Chhath puja was on Saturday. Hence, on Monday several government employees were given holiday. This year, despite of no holiday falling on the festival days, the government announced a holiday to the worshippers’ comfort.

The government employees got holidays almost from Saptami to Lakshmi Puja. After that they got holidays on Kali Puja and Bhai Dooj. After that, they are getting holidays on Chhath Puja on 13th and 14th November.