N Korea Threat: Kim Will Sell Nukes To Anyone


Pyongyang: North Korea would not hesitate to pass its nuclear technology to paying customers John Bolton former US ambassador to the United Nations claimed, sparking huge World War 3 fears.

The warning comes as President Donald Trump has tried to increase pressure on the rogue state which has refused to shut down its nuclear development programme. Mr Bolton warned that if the United States did not act, there could soon be more countries with nuclear capabilities.

He said: “The President was right in the September speech to the UN General Assembly when he said that denuclearize is the only way forward. The north is never going to give up its nuclear weapons voluntarily, we’ve seen that over 25 years. “I think the President has tried to put pressure on China, they have not responded, so we are getting down to some pretty unattractive options.

“But I think it is important that the President makes the case that a North Korea with nuclear weapons is a threat to the United States, Japan, others in the region and a threat globally because they will sell any of this technology to other aspiring nuclear powers for hard currency.”

Mr Bolton also told Fox Business that the United States was “running out of time” in putting a stop to Kim Jong-un as the regime develops its weapons.