N Korea Accidentally Reveals Its First Atomic Bomb


Pyongyang: Recently North Korea fired their most advanced missile and it’s creating fear for others. North Korea may have inadvertently broadcast an image of an atomic bomb. Background footage of a state TV package showed Kim Jong-il with the device.

A 30-minute bulletin shown on state TV from December 12, at a conference in Pyongyang, showed a portrait in the background which appeared to be of Jong-il and the explosive device.

The photograph is visible only briefly as the camera sets the scene of the conference, which was attended by North Korea Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un, the son of the late former leader pictured.

If real, it would have been taken sometime between 2006-2009 when the secretive regime carried out nuclear tests. Hanging among other pictures of weaponry, experts have been debating whether the image resembles an atomic bomb or not.

Because of the fleeting appearance from distance, experts have yet to say definitively if the device is an atomic bomb but they do acknowledge similarities between recent photographs of Kim Jong-un inspecting what North Korea claim to be their first hydrogen bomb. The picture appears to show Kim Jong-il, who died six years ago, inspecting a large globe-like object while in the company of senior military officials.