Myths Around The Use Of Mobile Phones

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Mobile phones are a part of our everyday life. We cannot think of a day when we would like to step out of our homes without our mobile phones. They are precious to us. They are like our friends. But there are different sayings related to them. Are they myths? Or are they true to its core? Let’s find out.

Actually in practice they are all nothing but myths. Surprised?  Here are some myths and their actual reasons:

  1. Use of mobile phones in airplanes will interfere with its navigation systems and communication and hence is banned. – Airplanes with all its sophisticated and modern technologies will not incur any problem due to the presence of a mobile phone. A plane full of mobile phones will also not be able to do a single harm. If that would have been the case, then everyone would have had to submit their phones before boarding the plane.Actually such a myth reigns in order to avoid crowding and be able to make safety announcements.

  1. Mobile phones can cause fire at petrol filling stations – Yes petroleum is inflammable and that can be ignited by just a spark. But that spark can be from a match or lighter or any other thing, but certainly not from your mobile phone. But a faulty phone or battery might cause a spark. Hence it is avoided. But such an incident has not yet been recorded so far.
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  1. Mobiles phones should not be charged overnight for the fear of overcharging and hence damage to the phone – All our technologically advanced mobile phones has in-built safety circuits to prevent from over charging. So that is simply a myth because once the battery is fully charged, it will stop on its own and will not get overcharged.

  1. A larger battery = more battery life! Be it a mobile, laptop or any battery powered device – the battery life is more closely related to how much power the device consumes. So if you have two similar mobile phones, the one that lasts longer on a single charge is the one with a more efficient screen and electronics.

  1. A phone might explode if a call is taken while it is in the charging mode – It is true in some cases that many laptops or mobiles have exploded but actually the truth is that their batteries had caught fire and exploded and NOT the entire device. Actually the cause is the use of low quality batteries or low quality chargers. If genuine chargers and batteries are used then there will not arise any problem.

  1. Mobile phones emit a lot of radiation – so don’t keep them in ‘sensitive’ areas like your trousers/jeans or shirt pocket – All good mobile phones from reputed companies has to pass through strict SAR tests which stands for Specific Absorption Rating tests. Such a certification ensures safety of the phone and hence no such emission of enough radiation which will be concerning. Finally there is no such thing as the relation between the use of mobile phones and illnesses.