Mystery Sparks After Woman Body Recovered In Suri


Suri: Siuli Pal, a home-maker of Sajanopalli of Suri has died on Friday night. The mysterious death of the woman has sparked agitation among the locals.

As per police version, the woman used to run a beauty parlour, husband ECL employee by profession.

The police and local source said that, Lakshmikanta Pal, husband of Siuli Pal saw her hanging from ceiling around 10 Pm on Friday. The in-laws members are claiming it as murder. Somebody known is involved in the incident.

On the other hand, a plate of sweet has found from the room. Police is suspecting somebody known has visited the place who took the chance to kill her.

Being agitated on the issue, the in-laws member hindered police from their responsibility demanding identification of the accused. After four hours of conversation, police rescued the body.

The postmortem report has been sent to the Suri hospital. Nobody has been arrested in connection to the incident. Police has come to the spot with sniffer dog. The explanation of the hospital authority will clear the incident to some extent.