Mystery Fires Spark Panic in Purulia


Purulia: Panic gripped the residents of Bartalia village in West Bengal’s Purulia district over mysterious fire incidents recently. As per reports, at least 18 incidents have been reported in the village in last 5 days.

The fires broke out mysteriously and gutted grain storage facilities and several houses in the village. Despite investigation by the fire department no possible cause has been ascertained yet. The authorities have established a police camp in the village.

Minister Shantiram Mahato from Purulia said, “The incidents have come to our notice and an investigation has been launched.”

The village is inhibited by around 1500 people mostly farmers. The mysterious fires started from the night of Christmas, when the grain storage of a villager Bangshi Kumar caught fire. As people rushed to douse the flames another fire broke out at Dharmadas Kumar’s house. The fire brigade rushed to the spot and doused the flames.

Purulia district’s Police Super Rupesh Kumar confirming the incidents said, “The officer-in-charge of Kotshila police station has reported that fire gutted the grain storage of a local infront of his eyes mysteriously.”

On the other, hand offering a possible explanation of the incidents, many said that the fires may have been caused by flammable gases evolving from a nearby pond. Officials from Mines and Minerals department have already collected samples from the pond and waiting for the report.

People are clearly seen panicked by the incidents as many believed this to be an evil curse befallen on the village and are offering sacrifices to calm the evil forces.