Mystery Behind The Existence Of ‘Devlok’ On Earth


Agaratala: This tiny state, hanging like a lush green emerald has a rich history and a plethora of cultural treasures that are often overlooked.

We are talking about Tripura – and its mysterious Chabimura caves which is also known as ‘Devlok’ on Earth. ‘Devlok’ ( An Adobe Of Gods) does really exist?

Well, as we know Tripura has beautiful rock cut carvings and stone images at Unakoti, Debtamura(Chabimura) and Pilak. Most of these carvings are huge in size and made on vertical walls exposed in the open atmosphere.

Chabimura is famous for its panels of rock carvings on the steep mountain wall on the bank of Gomati. There are huge images carved of Shiva, Vishnu, kartika, Mahisasurmardini Durga and other Gods and goddesses. These images date back to 15th-16th centuries AD. Chabumura is 30 km away from Udaipur and 12 km from Amarpur Sub-Division.

The beautiful images are curved with a lot of dexterity on the rocky faces of Devtamura which is steep at 90 degrees. The hill ranges are covered with dense forest and one can reach this abode of Gods only after trekking through these dense forest. The road leading to the river bank where the rock cut images exist are itself is a treat to the eye. The area is also an eco-Tourism centre.

As per available historical records, these rock carvings is stated to be ‘Chakrakma’ engravings on the stones of the hill Devtamura which came into being during the reign of King Chichingfa’s grandfather.

A half-an-hour onward boat journey along the river reveals a weird bend in its course. On the left side of the bend is a cave unvisited by humans and it is said that it had the treasuries of King Chichingfa. ‘Jamatia’ lore has it that King ‘Chichingfa ‘stashed all his wealth in this cave in large wooden chests, kept vigil by a gigantic python.

According to another source, it was actually a cobra which scared away the ‘Jamatias’, who fled the place, make it forlorn. But ‘Hada’ (a religious society of the Jamatias) ‘Akra’, Nabakishore Jamatia, brushed aside the plausibility of such narratives. To the west of this area, he opined, was ‘Burtiari’which was basically the kingdom of King Chichingfa. It was to save themselves from a severe drought that the Jamatias left the place in legion.

Chabimura is actually reputed for the Devi Chakrakma. A huge idol of Devi Chakrakma is carved over 20 feet high if one proceeds more to the left side of the river.

The marvellous rock carvings, murals with their primitive beauty, waterfalls adds more adventures to this ‘Abode of God’.