Mysterious Objects Seen Hovering Over Mount Everest


New Delhi: UFO and alien-related findings are a hot topic among people across the world and the latest ones to do the rounds come from the highest peak in the world  Mount Everest  and Norway.

According to the Mirror, the Mount Everest spotting is an image one of 477 put together by mountaineer and filmmaker David Breashears as a part of an amazing two-billion-pixel photograph.

As per UFO hunters, the spooky object seen in the image causes a silhouette and its height means it can’t be a drone or helicopter. UFO Today, in its coverage, said that there have long since been speculations of secret underground bases similar to ‘Area 51’ in the area, especially in the virtually inaccessible Ladakh border area between India and China.

In 2017, seven UFO sightings were revealed by declassified CIA files spotted in the skies above Nepal and neighboring India and Bhutan in 1968. Meanwhile, in a remote part of northern Norway, a bright, white UFO was spotted in the skies by stunned onlookers on Thursday afternoon.

Locals who were actually waiting for the Northern Lights instead got to witness the unusual sighting. The object was spotted in Bardufoss and later seen again 80 miles away in Tromsø.

Eye-witnesses recall seeing the object till after sunset before it exploded neatly into two parts and disappeared. According to the Daily Mail, so far the only explanation for the sighting is that it could have been Paz, a radar imaging satellite which was launched on Thursday from Elon Musk’s Falcon 9.

The satellite was launched in California on Thursday along with two Musk’s StarLink, two prototype satellites whose later versions will beam broadband internet anywhere in the world. While there have been many UFO sightings in the recent past, there has been little or no explanation justifying their presence or identity.