Mysterious Explosion Outside ISRO Propulsion Complex In Mahendragiri


Chennai: A mysterious explosion outside the propulsion complex of Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) in Tamil Nadu’s Mahendragiri was reported today. Locals said the explosion took place on Saturday morning and they saw smoke emanating from the ISRO facility.

The space agency has, however, denied that it had anything to do with the explosion.
A Public Relations Officer of ISRO chief AS Kiran Kumar said the incident took place outside the agency building.

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“Incident happened outside the building and has nothing to do with ISRO. No damage to life and property,” the PRO was quoted as saying by ANI.

There is little information available on the explosion and the nature of it is still unknown.
The ISRO Propulsion Complex is located near Kanyakumari at Mahendragiri Hills, Tirunelveli District in Tamil Nadu.