Mysterious Death Of Bank Manager At Barrackpore


Barrackpore: Chaos spread at Barrackpore over the recovery of bank service manager
body from inside the bank. The deceased has been identified as Ratnadip Nayak (37).
Three months ago, he was transferred from Raniganj’s Jamuria to a state-owned bank
in Titagarh. He was found hanging inside the bank.

Ratnadip used to work at a state-owned bank opposite the Titagarh police station.
He used to stay in a rented house at Barrackpore. He usually returned to his house
within 9-10 every night. On Friday, it was past 11, but he still did not return.
His wife Moumita Nayak called the bank after several attempts to call her husband
failed. But no one from the bank took the call. Then she came to the Titagarh
police station when she saw just to its opposite, that the bank was lighted from
insided. She went in front of the bank and saw the security guard outside.

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On enquiring about her husband, the security guard told Moumita that Ratnadip is
inside. Then both of them started calling Ratnadip from outside. The door was
locked from inside and hence could not be opened. On hearing the screams, the
Titagarh police rushed to the bank and opened the door to find Ratnadip hanging.

Moumita said, “Despite calling the bank manager several times, the bank manager did
not co-oeperate. Finally the police came and broke opened the door to find my
husband hanging. After this, the Titagarh police recovered the body.”

Moumita also accused the bank manager of leaving office by 8 pm, whereas holding
her husband back till 9-10 pm. She also accused that the manager blamed her husband
for some unmatching calculations. She also alleged that her husband was being
tortured mentally. Ratnadip had shared about this mental pressure to his wife.

The Titagarh police have started an investigation based on the complaint filed.