Mysterious Blasts Shake Digha Coast


Digha: Blast-like sound shook up Digha coast in West Bengal’s Midnapore around noon this Saturday, however, the police administration is yet to locate the source of the explosion.
According to Kathi additional superintendent of police Indrajit Basu, the huge sound was heard around 11.30 AM which caused cracks in some hotel walls in Old Digha.

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The police officer said, “We have carried out search all over Digha and neighbouring areas for the source of the sound, but have not been able to spot anything. This makes us suspect that the blast took place somewhere in the sea. We have alerted the India Coast Guard to try find out the source of the blast.”

Many sources told that a missile test fires from Chadipur region and many feared that due some reason missile goes through over the coast. For that reason a mysterious sound occurred. Police official started investigation and tried to connect DRDO with this issue.