My Surname Benefited Me: Sharmila Tagore


New Delhi: For veteran actress Sharmila Tagore has a privilege of her famous surname which opens several paths for her.  The 70 year old actress launched a book titled “Shades of Difference: Selected Writings of Rabindranath Tagore” on November 12, which is accompanied by a DVD about Tagore and his world. It has been edited by Radha Chakravarty.

“I don’t have that much authority on Tagore but yes I have a wonderful surname. It’s my heritage and it has opened many doors for me. It’s a privilege to be born in such a household. Unfortunately Rabindranath Tagore died three years before I was born so I could not have any direct interaction with him. But I have heard great stories from my mother,” the actress said.

Talking about her film “Devi”, directed by Satyajit Roy, said, “The idea of my film Devi was inspired from Tagore’s works. The theme was similar. The great thing about Tagore is that he continues to be relevant.”