My House Is Legitimate, Claims Bharati

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Kolkata: Controversial former IPS officer Bharati Ghosh has reverted back in an audio message against the misuse of nation’s power.

Over the last few weeks, the IPS officer is surrounded by many issues. Police has raided Bharati’s husband flat and seized some illegal money. Then the arrest warrant was issued in their name.

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Bharati Ghosh, former superintendent of police of Jhargram, attacked the state government in various times since then. On Sunday night, an audio message sent by her came public. Bharati Ghosh has stated the estimate of her property.

বেতনের বৈধ অর্থেই বাড়ি করেছিলেন ভারতী

CID has searched the flat of Bharati Ghosh in Maduradha. As a police officer, Bharti Devi has alleged that she has done the property with black money immortally earned. She said, “The house was made in legitimate way when I was not SP and not even ASP.” She alleged that the state administration is misleading the media.

Again the question ‘source of money’ is bugging everyone.  Bharti Ghosh gave the answer to this question itself. In her words, “I was in Nairobi when I was working for United Nations many years ago. When working in Kenya’s Somalia Mission I was settled in Nairobi. At that time Maduradah’s house was started. The permission from the government was obtained because as my husband was arranging the house.“

Bharti Ghosh has claimed that Maduradha’s house has been built on her own salary. She also said, “From the United States I used to get 2.5 crores as my salary. And it was completely tax free. People from all over the world are aware of the fact. As the payroll was in dollar there was no tax system. I have earned that money.”

Bharati is amazed by the recent allegation against her and her family. The house was legitimately made. The police former officer Bharati Ghosh, claimed that all the permission was confirmed from the administration for the construction of house. Bharati said she has all the valid documents for her house.