My ‘Boobs’ are killing Me: Amy Childs


Realty star Amy Childs admits she may have boobed by having her breasts enlarged. And she is now planning an op to have her double D cups reduced — as they are causing her back pain. If she goes ahead Amy, 25, would be following the example of her idol Katie Price, 37, who had her implants removed earlier this year.

Amy, who found fame on The Only Way is Essex, had her first boob job when she was 18, taking her from an A to a D cup. She then had a second op in 2012, to boost her breasts to a DD. But now she believes they’re too big, so is considering going under the knife again.

Amy revealed: “I’d quite like a boob reduction because they’re quite big and they’ve been giving me problems with my back, but my mum and dad don’t want me to go under the knife again while I’m still so young. “If I’m still unhappy with them in a few years I’ll have a rethink.”

Amy also reckons she used to be addicted to cosmetic surgery afterappearing on Towie. She said: “I definitely was. I’d look in the mirror and think I looked good even though I had far too much Botox and filler put in my lips. “It wasn’t until my mum told me that she thought it looked horrible that I realised I’d taken it too far.

“I booked myself in to have a filler taken out but because I’d had so much over the years my lips collapsed and I had to have reconstructive surgery where they inserted a bit of filler back in to make me look normal.” Now Amy, who is dating builder Bradley Wright, 24, says she is more confident in her looks.

She explained: “I had lovely lips before, I didn’t need to do that to myself, but I was more insecure back then.”

Source: The Sun