Mutilated Body Found At Jadavpur


Kolkata: A similar to “Robinson street” incident took place at Regent Colony in Jadavpur on Tuesday morning. The mother of Sangbrita Chakroborty guarded her dead body.

Foul smell raised the neighbours’ suspicions. They went to their house and found a mutilated body of Sanabrita Chakraborty lying on their bed. The neighbors informed the police who came and took away Sanabrita’s body.

According to her mother, Sulekha Chakroborty, she had no idea that her daughter could be dead. She had fed water to her ailing daughter the previous night. Sanabrita felt sick in the morning. There was blood coming out of her body. Sulekha understood that her daughter was sick. She had no idea when Sanabrita passed away.

The woman’s husband left for a job 5-6 months ago. Their younger daughter left a month ago. Sanabrita and her mother stayed together. She said that she could not submit their electric bill and hence their electricity was cut off a few days ago. They had consumed only water since the last 5 days.