We Must Never Forget Our History: Mamata At Indian History Congress


Kolkata: Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Friday attended the Indian History Congress being held at Kolkata. Speaking on the occasion she asserted the importance of taking lessons from history for a better future.

Mamata also slammed the current trends of distorting and rewriting history by certain sections. She called it a crime. She expressed dismay at the attempts to portray Godse as a patriot while questioning the patriotism of Mahatma Gandhi. Mamata Banerjee also announced the formation of West Bengal State Records Commission, on the lines of Indian History Records Commission.

The Indian History Congress is a remarkable platform for exchanging ideas. We must never forget our history. History is our guiding light for the future. If we are aware of our past, we can work for the betterment of our future. History is truth. Reality and truth are the inspirations for history. Truth cannot be misguided. Once history is recorded after research, it should not be distorted.

History is nothing but examples of good practice that we must follow and bad practice that we must avoid. I am aware that many historians are unhappy about the current situation prevailing in the country. I may or may not be in power, but I must abide by my Constitutional obligations.

There is a growing tendency to rewrite history. What will researchers do? What are historians there for? Distorting historical facts is a big crime. Sometimes there is a calculated motive. Some sections are raising questions about the patriotism of Mahatma Gandhi and calling Godse a patriot.

Bengal has a rich heritage. Every aspect of our national, social and political history was born in Bengal. Our history cannot be completed without Bengal’s contribution – from social reforms to freedom movement. From Rabindranath to Raja Rammohan Roy to Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar – so many icons were born in Bengal. Several renowned historians were also born in Bengal.

Our main strengths are unity in diversity, our federal structure and the multi-party democracy. A certain political party has started rewriting the history of India. Historians must speak the truth. Distorting history for political vendetta is endangering the future of the country. I feel ashamed when I see my country bleeding due to caste war or religious strife.