‘Muslims Not To Eat Prawns’, Fatwa


New Delhi: What else is left in the list to issue a fatwa against? Poor prawns are now the latest target of Hyderabad based Islamic outfit Jamia Nizamia.

The fatwa directs Muslims to not eat prawns, crabs and shrimps as it is considered as, ‘haram,’ in Islam.  Established in 1876, Jamia Nizamia is one of the oldest Islamic seminaries in the country.

The fatwa issued on January 1, categorized these extremely delectable sea foods categorizing them as, ‘makruh tahrim,’ since these does not fall under the category of fish.

Mufti Mohammed Azeemuddin, the chief Mufti of , Jamia Nizamia issued the Fatwa which says “Prawn is an arthropod and it doesn’t belong to the fish community and so falls under ‘markruh tahrim’ category. It is strictly abominable for Muslims.”