Muslims Confused Over Bakrid ‘Qurbani’ Ritual As Abattoirs Closed


Lucknow: Closure of abattoirs by the Uttar Pradesh government following Supreme Court and NGT directions has created confusion among madrassas and Muslim community over “qurbani” (sacrifice) ritual on the occasion of Bakrid to be celebrated on Saturday.

Till last year, animal sacrifice was done at government slaughter houses but their closure has created a difficult situation in the state and confusion is prevailing among the Muslim community. “While big madrassas used to perform Qurbani ritual in its premises, the smaller ones were dependent on government slaughter houses,” General Secretary of Teachers Association of Madrassa Arabia, Deewan Sahab Jama told PTI.

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“As 90 per cent slaughter houses are closed they are facing tough problem,” he said. Darul Uloom Farang Mahal head Khalid Rashid Farangi Mahali said, “Confusion is prevailing as to where big animals are to be sacrificed. The government should at least allow opening of slaughter houses on Bakrid to avoid this problem.” He said that they had met Director General of Police, Sulkhan Singh, who assured them that as it was a religious act the earlier tradition will be followed keeping in mind that there should be no sacrifice in the open.