Muslims Who Chants ‘Jai Sri Ram’ Are ‘Hijras’, Says Barkati


Kolkata: Maulana Nurur Rehman Barkati, the Shahi Imam of the Tipu Sultan Mosque, on Tuesday, issued a warning which said that if any member of the Muslim community joined or worked for the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) or the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), they would be thrown out of the community and beaten up. The Maulana, however, did not clarify if such an act could be called a fatwa, media reported. Barkati also said that any Muslim, who used the chants of ‘Jai Sri Ram’ were “Hijras”(eunuchs). According to IE, Barkati accused the RSS and the BJP of causing problems in West Bengal, just ahead of the Shab-e-Barat.

সংঘ পরিবারকে ‘হিজড়া’ বলে বিতর্কে বরকতি

In a news conference at the Press Club of Kolkata, the Shahi Imam said, “If any Muslim joins or works for RSS and BJP then we will punish them. We will severely beat them up and out them from Islam. They can work for other parties but not for RSS and BJP. If BJP distances itself from RSS then they can work for BJP. Since BJP is working with RSS, any association with them by a Muslim will attract punishment.” The Shahi Imam also urged the secular Hindus to come forwards and come together to face the RSS and the BJP.

He also said that the RSS had been attacking Muslims and hence they could not be part of the organisation. Speaking about the Prime Minister, Barkati said that PM Modi should remember that he was not just an RSS worker but the protector of all of India. He should not speak against Islam, Barkati added. Barkati, however, said that this was only a warning. He said, “Those who chant Jai Sri Ram outside Mosques are hijras (eunuch). It is the work of hijras. I do not know how long Muslims will keep quiet.” Barkati also talked in favour of Triple Talaq and said that the Muslim Personal Law Board had a lot of politics going on but should fight ‘Shariyat’.