Muslim Women Beaten Up in MP


Mumbai: Two Muslim women were reportedly beaten up by members of cow vigilante groups at Mandsaur railway station in Madhya Pradesh on Wednesday over suspicion that they were carrying beef. The women were reportedly caught carrying 30 kg of meat after which police was informed.

However, initial reports by a veterinary doctor suggest that the meat was that of a buffalo. Importing of buffalo meat inside Madhya Pradesh without permission is illegal and thus both of them have been taken into custody for ‘smuggling and trying to sell’ the meat.

The video made by passers-by spread on social media giving rise to outrage following which state Home Minister Bhupinder Singh said that appropriate action will be taken. Bahujan Samajwadi Party chief Mayawati also responded to this incident and said: “BJP raises slogans ‘Mahilao ke Samman me, BJP maidan me, yet in BJP ruled Madhya Pradesh women are thrashed on beef rumours.”

The incident has happened just a couple of weeks after a video of Dalit youths being thrashed for skinning a cow went viral on the internet leading to protests in Gujarat and other parts of the country.