Muslim Woman Trolled On FB For Singing Hindu Song

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Bengaluru: A Muslim woman from Karnataka is being trolled on Facebook for singing a Hindu devotional song.

22-year-old Suhana Sayeed has become the target of harassment by a Facebook page ‘Mangalore Muslims’ with nearly 46000 members, after she sang a Hindu devotional song for a television show, said reports.

The woman has been targeted for singing in public, as well as for singing in front of men – apart from committing the ‘offence’ of singing a Hindu song.

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While auditioning for the show, Sayeed, wearing a colourful hijab, sang for precisely 100 seconds, said reports. The three judges listening to her were blindfolded. At the end of her audition, the blindfolds were removed and the praise began. “Your voice is really good,” said one judge, as the audience applauded. “By singing a Hindu devotional song you’ve become the symbol of unity. Music is a medium which unites people, differences disappear.”

But those on the Facebook group do not seem to share the same views. A line from the post condemning her says, “You have not achieved any great feat…Your parents will not go to heaven as you have exposed yourself to other men. Stop wearing the hijab, you don’t know how to respect it.”

However, some commentors on the post have defended Sayeed.

According to reports, supporters of Sayeed are thinking of filing a case against the harassers for threatening a woman.