Muslim Woman Kicked Out of Donald Trump’s Rally


Washington: A Muslim woman, who was peacefully protesting at the rally of Republican US presidential candidate Donald Trump, was escorted out of the premise by police on Friday. 56-year-old Rose Hamid was wearing hijab and sitting in the stands behind Trump when she stood up as Trump said that Syrian refugees fleeing war in Syria were affiliated with ISIS.

The woman had ‘Salam I come in peace’ inscribed on her shirt and yellow badge saying ‘Muslim’. Hamid said, ‘I never felt truly threatened, I was not afraid of these people as I truly believed that decent people would have stood up and not permitted that.”

When asked about the booing, she said, “Yes there was one man who asked do you have a bomb, do you have a bomb? I said No do you have a bomb? One guy said God is great, I said yeah God is great another said Isa loves you, I said yeah I know Isa loves you too.”

Major Steven Thompson of the Rock Hill Police Department told Hamid was kicked out of the event because the campaign told him beforehand that “anybody who made any kind of disturbance” should be escorted out.

Trump had earlier faced flak over his call for temporary ban on Muslims entering the US.