Muslim Woman Denied Entry In Norway’s Salon


Oslo: A hijab clad woman was barred from entering a salon allegedly by its Norwegian owner as reported on Tuesday. The 47 year old hairdresser, Merete Hodne could be sentenced to six month imprisonment following her refusal to pay a penalty of 800 pounds.

The victim, Mallika Bayan reportedly went to Merete Hodne’s salon last October for enquiring about the price of hair colour, when she was asked to leave the place.

Hodne believes that ‘Islam is Evil’ and that she did not want discriminatory offences from other customers. Bayan said, “It is disturbing that she treats people this way in a free country. Norway is my country. She talks about that Islam is oppressive to women, but it is she who oppress me”.

Meanwhile, Hodne stood firm on her take that Islam ideology is evil and that she won’t pay for something wrong. She wants to appeal to the Human Right court. Initially, fined a hefty sum, and upon refusal to pay, Merete Hodne will face court appearance on Thursday.

This case is first of its kind in Norway.