Muslim Teacher Translates ‘Ramayana’ Into Urdu


Kanpur: A Muslim teacher and author from Kanpur City has translated Ramayana into urdu to spread the message of communal harmony and brotherhood.

Mahi Talat Siddiqui, a teacher who hails from the city, said it took her two years to complete the work. She hoped more people from the Muslim community would now become aware of the goodness of Ramayana.

Talat had received a copy of the epic from Badri Narayan Tiwari, a resident of Kanpur, who advised her to translate it into Urdu language so that it becomes more accessible to members of the Muslim community.

“Just like the holy texts of all religions, Ramayana also gives us a message of peace and brotherhood,” Siddiqui told adding she experienced happiness and peace after writing the text in Urdu.

I have focussed on the aspect that the translation shouldn’t change the original meaning of the text, she said.

Talat has written seven books including ‘Yadon ke jharokon se’, ‘Adabi-sangam’, ‘Gantav ki aor’, ‘Mukhrit hote shabd’ and ‘Main bhi hazir tha wahan”.