Muslim Personal Law Board Attacks Govt Over Uniform Civil Code


New Delhi: The All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) has mounted a strong attack on the Narendra Modi government accusing it of opening a “second front internally” by raking up the issue of Uniform Civil Code to “cover up” the failures of the administration in handling external challenges.

Reacting to a new Law Commission questionnaire seeking public comments on the adoption of a common civil code, AIMPLB general secretary Wali Rehmani said the panel was operating like a government-body instead of an independent institution.

“The Law commission is doing an illegal work. We boycott the consultation paper and reject the questionnaire sent by the commission,” Rehmani said.  “States in USA have their own personal laws and its functioning well. What is the issue with personal laws?” he asked.

He said the Modi government was trying to introduce Uniform Civil Code to cover its failures in the last two years.

“Modi has ignited a new war internally by backing the UCC. He is not able to handle the problems on the external issues and by backing the UCC he has opened another front internally,” Rehmani said in a press conference in Delhi flanked by other leaders.

The AIMPLB also said that the Hindus have a higher rate of divorce, compared to Muslims in India. It also said the participation of Muslims in India’s freedom movement was underestimated.