Muslim Man Divorces Wife After She Votes For BJP


Guwahati: Estranged couples often have several reasons to end a long-term relationship, but this one has a bizarre political angle attached to it.

In what could be seen as an example of how severely political differences can affect a nuptial relationship, a Muslim man has divorced his wife for voting for the BJP instead of Congress in the ongoing Assam Assembly elections.

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As per a report in India Today, Ainuddin reportedly divorced his wife Dilwara Begum in Donam Addahati village in Sonitpur district after she had cast her vote in favour of BJP, going against the village diktat to vote for Congress.

The village elders had passed the diktat that all the votes from the village will go to the Congress, report claimed. The husband decided to end the 10-year-old relationship soon after his wife revealed him that she had voted for the BJP.