Muslim Family Face Boycott For Marrying Daughter To Christian


Kerala: A mosque committee in Kerala’s Malappurran district called for boycott of a Muslim family after married off their daughter in a Christian family.

On October 19, the secretary of the Madarul Islam Sangham’s Mahallu committee (the mosque’s administrative committee) issued a special circular urging all people connected with the mosque to break off all contact with Kunnummal Yusuf and his family who had marry off his daughter Jaseela to one Tiso Tomy.

A circular printed in Malayalam read, “Since Kunnummal Yusuf has agreed to his daughter’s wedding to a non-Muslim, we have decided that people need not cooperate with his family, neither for mosque-related affairs, nor for other matters.”
The couple got married at a local office of the state registration department on October 19.