Muslim-Christian Brothers Take ‘Phonta’ From Hindu Sisters


Tamluk: The Hindu-Muslim-Christian brothers took their ‘photas’ from their Hindu sisters, thus spreading the message of communal harmony. The Muslim brothers just used to see this festival of the Hindus and always wanted to participate. Their dreams are being fulfilled by the Hindu sisters since last 4 years. On Friday the sisters arrived with plates full of sweets. Both the brothers and sisters were happy after completion of the Bhai Phonta.

This is the story of East Midnapore’s Kolkata police station’s Mecheda Trade Union office near Mecheda. Shahid Matangini Panchayat Samiti president Dibakar Jana, Shantipr number 1 area chief Selim Ali, Kolkaghat police station OC Kashinath Chowdhury, Shantipur 1 number area’s former chief Panchanan Jana, Ashik Ali and other took the phonta happily on this day.