After Murder of TMC Man, Political Tension Simmers In Bengal


Kolkata: Incidents of violence are continuing to pour in from various parts of Bengal, with the latest being the murder of a Trinamool Congress worker in South Dinajpur on Sunday.

Tensions between TMC and the Bhartiya Janata Party are also at an all time high, with disputes amid party workers turning violent on Sunday, The situation remains is under control for now, but the threat of violence flaring up continues.

In a separate incident in South Dinajpur district, 40-year-old TMC worker Saifuddin Minya was murdered in Nandanpur village late Sunday night, while he was on a Christmas picnic for with fellow workers. A TMC worker is being suspected to have murdered Saifuddin.

“We do not know the reason behind the murder yet. The suspected who has been arrested had been associated with the CPM since long, and had recently become a part of TMC. I want to request the administration to look into the matter as there is a huge conspiracy behind the murder. I feel the murder was all planned and the picnic was a set up. If it was a matter between friends, it would have not led to murder. The administration must definitely look into matter and find the reasons,” said TMC worker Mojiruddi Mondal.

Police has arrested the suspect and is investigating the matter to find the main culprit and reason behind the murder.

In West Bengal’s Cooch Behar district, TMC and BJP workers have been sparring over the construction of a road by the Public Works Department (PWD) in the Poapurkuthi village.

The disputes turned violent on Sunday evening, when houses of two TMC workers were burned down.

“The BJP party workers generally come here for meetings. The workers along with other people started to destroy our houses and even put our houses on fire. As you can see, one such house is burnt here, there is another house they burnt down the lane. All of us are really scared as they are also bringing people from outside to create tension. The administration is here, they are looking into the matter and the damage that has been caused. Two people have been admitted to the hospital among us TMC workers,” said TMC worker Saddam Hussain.

TMC workers have filed a complaint in the Dinhata police station against BJP workers for spreading violence and burning down houses. BJP workers, on the other hand, have justified the move, saying TMC members have also been violent against them