Mumbai Rape Survivor Can Terminate ‘Abnormal’ Foetus: SC


New Delhi: A rape survivor from Mumbai has been granted permission by the Supreme Court to terminate her 24-week-old ‘abnormal’ foetus.

The foetus suffers from anencephaly, a serious defect in which a baby is born without parts of the brain and skull. The woman, who had been raped by her ex-fiance, had approached the Supreme Court after doctors refused to abort the foetus as abortion law prohibits termination of pregnancy after 20 weeks.

“As per existing law if there is danger to the health of the mother, foetus can be aborted. We advise the petitioner to terminate pregnancy,” the Supreme Court said on Monday.

The Supreme Court on Friday had directed the KEM Hospital in Mumbai to medically examine the woman and inform the court today on whether abortion can be allowed.

“Medical board also said the foetus is abnormal and said if the foetus is allowed to grow it will endanger the life of the mother… So as per law if the mother’s life is in danger, foetus beyond 20 weeks can be aborted,” said Colin Gonsalves, lawyer for the rape survivor.

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