Mumbai bound AI flight makes emergency landing after engine failure


Newark: A Mumbai-bound Air India flight from Newark Liberty International Airport with over 250 persons on board was forced to return and make an emergency landing on Sunday due to a serious engine problem, sources said.

The pilot, however, made a safe landing. “The flight had taken off for Mumbai at around 1650 hours (U.S. time) and landed back at Newark after being airborne for about two hours due to violent vibrations in one of the engines of the Boeing 777-300 ER aircraft,” Air India sources said.
An Air India spokesperson confirmed the incident and said the passengers are being adjusted in its Delhi flight.
The aircraft was at a height of 29,000 feet when the vibrations occurred, the sources said.

“After landing one of the blades of the engine was found fractured due to stress and this resulted in violent vibrations,” they said.
The pilot had to dump some 60 tonnes of fuel and keep the engine idle for a safe landing under the “serious” situation, the sources said.

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