Mukul’s Homecoming amid ‘Warm Hug’ From Sudip


Kolkata: Indicating the homecoming of once Trinamool’s fallen angel Mukul Roy, TMC MP Sudip Banerjee extended a warm hug to Roy as a TMC delegation of which Mukul is part met Union Minister of Minority Affairs Najma Heptulla on Wednesday.

Ending speculation of Mukul’s rebellion, Trinamool Congress included him in a 10 membered delegation deemed by many as part of his rehabilitation bid in the party. The decision has been welcomed by Sudip Banerjee and Sisir Adhikari.

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However, Mukul maintaining a low profile and avoided the media after submitting a memorandum to Najma Heptualla in Delhi. On the other hand Banerjee answering media personnel said that Mukul has always been an important part of the party.

He further added, “The rumours of Nukul Roy’s rebellion and alleged formation of a new party is a fake portrait manufactured by the media.” Despite the party leadership’s attempt to scrub off the traces of friction, many speculate that Mukul Roy’s return is based on a complicated political bargaining.