Mukul To Get Designated In BJP Over Bengal


Kolkata: After eight months of joining BJP, Mukul Roy is all set to secure a designation in Bharatiya Janata Party. He is on the runway to scratch National Functionary Committee of BJP.

As per BJP source, ‘chanakya’ of bengal politics will be included in BJP National Functionary Committee along with celebrity member of BJP Joy Banerjee.

Reportedly, Mukul Roy announced his exit from TMC before puja of 2017 soon after that that TMC party suspended him from his designation. In between taking any turn, he was idle. People started talking over his position in politics. Amidst all speculation he annnouced that he is going to affix him in BJP.

He officially joined BJP on November 3, 2017. He was active in almost every case happened in Bengal but didn’t take any position. At last the BJP has given him recognition in the leadership.

He was silently strengthening the political field. But since the inception he was an important figure in national level BJP. The party made a committee justy before the panchayat election, he was the initiator of the committee.

As per the result BJP gained its power in panchayat election where BJP can’t deny the contribution of Mukul Roy. Many are saying its return gift conisdering his contribution to the party. A part of BJP is saying that now its a wait for the call to be national secretary of BJP.