Is Mukul Set To Join Saffron Brigade On 10th Nov?


Kolkata: Mukul Roy is now the hot topic of Bengal politics. Many questions are being raised about Mukul Roy’s next footstep. What will be happened next? This is the worthy question at this moment. Is Mukul colored with saffron or not? All this things created speculation among political think tanks. But As per Mukul’s voice time will tell the truth.

সবুজ ঘাসফুল ছেড়ে দশে গেরুয়া হতে পারে মুকুল

Mukul Roy will clarify his position on 9th or 10th October. Mukul’s voice on his next move will help state saffron brigade, thinks BJP cohorts. Apart from this, State BJP will hold a massive mass meeting on 10th November to attack Didi’s party. Many congress and cpm leaders may join saffron brigade on this mass meeting. But the speculations is being raised that will tmc leaders join Saffron Brigade?

Can Mukul’s JangalMahal Tour Trouble Mamata?

According to sources, many districts workers are now ready to leave the party as they follow Mukul Roy’s next move. Mukul will go the Delhi on 8th October and after giving the resignation he will declare his next move. But what if Mukul announce to build a new party? In this issue, political think tanks thought that this new team will also help the state BJP brigade at Panchayet election.

মুকুল রায় দলে আসছে, ধরেই নিয়েছে বিজেপির বঙ্গ ব্রিগেড

Already Mukul Roy declared his jangalmahal visit and may announce his new journey from jangal mahal after Delhi tour. So the question raises among political think tanks that Mukul’s JangalMahal Tour Can Trouble Mamata? All these ends when Mukul Roy opens his mouth.

Is Mukul BJP’s New Face? Pic Goes Viral

Earlier, many members of state IT cell meet with Mukul Roy at Nizam Palace on Monday. Onetime BJP’s IT cell member Debjani halder also meet with Mukul Roy and the picture with Mukul posted her FB wall. Mukul Roy Visited Belur Math on the suspicious occasion Maha Sasthi. Mukul Roy suspended for six years from the TMC party after Mukul roy resign from the party.