Mukul Roy Will Add Weight To Any Party: Dilip Ghosh


Sumana Sarkar, Kolkata: After Mukul Roy officially resigned from his Rajya Sabha membership and primary membership of TMC, BJP State President Dilip Ghosh on Wednesday holds a press conference here.

মুকুলের বিজেপিতে যোগ নিয়ে কি বললেন দিলীপ ঘোষ?

While facing the media, Dilip said “Mukul Roy will add weight to any party. We have no role to play till Mukul Roy clearly says he will join BJP.”

“Mukul Roy is a good organiser, he has been with the party since his birth and his resignation speaks a lot, ”Ghosh added.

‘With Heavy Heart’ Mukul Roy Officially Resigns From His Post

According to him, as now Mukul is meeting all political leaders; they can only wait for his next step. Earlier, speculation was high that after the resignation he will join BJP. Though during press conference Mukul did not clear what will be his next association.

Partha Chatterjee Slams Mukul Roy After Resignation

On the other hand Partha Chatterjee also holds a press conference here at the TMC party office where he slammed Mukul Roy and said “Mukul Roy is saying baseless words. We don’t give any value to his words. We are very happy today after Mukul left TMC and it is good for TMC as well as Bengal.”