‘Mukul Roy Successful In EVM ‘Sabotage’ Plan’


Kolkata: BJP leader, Mukul Roy said that two TMC workers out of four in every voting booth will work for him in the Sabang elections. His ‘sabotage’ theory seems to have worked as proved by the bypoll results. BJP’s voting percentage increased from 2 to 18 percent in the bypoll which is giving sleepless nights to the ruling party.

BJP came out third best at Sabang after winner Trinamool Congress (TMC) and second placed CPI-M candidate. But the biggest positive for BJP is the increase in the voteshare from 2% in 2015 to 18% in the 2017 bypoll. The votes count increased by as much as thirty-two thousand votes in favour of BJP.

অন্তর্ঘাতের পরিকল্পনায় সফল ‘ভোটমাস্টার’ মুকুল

No matter how much influence Mukul Roy had on the party, BJP did not pulled out anything substantial during these one and a half years to gain such a huge vote count in Bengal. On te other hand, TMC vote percentage was bound to increase after local leader Manas Bhunia joined the ruling party leaving Congress.

But BJP’s rise raises several questions among the already raging debate on the EVM sabotage allegations by opposing parties. There is no BJP organisation in the Sabang area but the vote counts rose drastically as much as nine times. Is it suggesting that the EVM was being hacked and any evident towards Mukul’s ‘sabotage’ claims before the elections holds true.