‘With Heavy Heart’ Mukul Roy Officially Resigns From His Post


Sumana Sarkar, New Delhi, Kolkata: The former Trinamool Congress leader and West Bengal Chief Ministers Mamata Banerjee’s one time close aide Mukul Roy ‘with heavy heart’ on Wednesday officially resigned from his Rajya Sabha membership and primary membership of TMC.

হৃদয়ে গভীর যন্ত্রণা নিয়ে ইস্তফা দিলাম: মুকুল

Eve of Durga Puja celebration, on 25th September Mukul Roy resigned from his post from the Trinamool Congress. And on the same day he said that after the  Puja he will officially resign from his Rajya Sabha MP also.

As per his words, ‘with heavy heart’ officially resigned from the post. After submitting resignation letter to the Vice President and the chairman of Rajya Sabha, Venkaiah Naidu he hold a press conference where he memorized all the historic day spend with the Trinamool Congress.

During the press conference he did not clear what will be his next association.  He mentioned his good relations with different party leaders . As a result speculations started of joining any leading party or creating any new party. He clearly said “I have resigned; now I will go for leaves and then decide my future course of action.”

He critisized his old parties by saying-  We are only the party workers, not anyone’s servant.  Moreover, he mentioned good relations with the BJP, Congress even with CPM. He said, “I am close to Arun Jaitley ji and even Kailash Vijayvargiya. Adhir Chowdhury is a close friend, I good reltion with Sitaram Yechury too.”

“The reason I quit Trinamool is because of shifting alliances with BJP and Congress. At present I am a simple citizen. I feel the Trinamool has only one option left to merge with the Congress. One person party is not good for the country, “he added

Today Mukul Roy argued that BJP is not communal and alleged he met RSS leaders  with Mamata Banerjee earlier.