Mukul Roy Gives Calculated Figure Of 21st July Crowd


Kolkata: In a statement on Saturday BJP leader Mukul Roy claimed that the number of people present in the gathering of 21st July (TMC Shahid Diwas) was only half a million.He said, whatever Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and her party may demand but the reality is there were only half-a-million crowd present at the event.

Once Mamata’s close aide and her brigade commander Mukul Roy on Saturday claimed this by giving a statistical details in Balurghat, Southern Dinajpur.

On this day several leaders and representatives from Congress, TMC, RSP and CPIM were present in a program which was scheduled for joining in BJP was organised by Gulmohar. In addition to Mukul Roy, BJP’s National General Secretary Kailash Vijayvargiya was also present to welcome the members with the party flag in their hands.

According to the sources, speaking on the number of people gathering on July 21 in Esplanade, Mukul Roy said that Esplanade where the mega rally took place, there from Zareena crossing to Victoria the distance is six hundred meters,that is 1968 feet. The width of the road is 85 meters (278 feet). The area of the place is five lakhs seventy four thousand,104 square feet. If a man stands or sit then he will take four squares fit. Then there will be no space for one lakh thirty-six thousand people to stand or sit. Roy has claimed this after calculating in his mobile. Mukul Roy further said, “Meanwhile, contretemps has already began in Bengal whether democracy will be there in future or not.Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh and Karnataka elections were peacefully held without any loss of life. However, 72 people have died in Bengal Panchayat election.”

On this day, many well known leaders have joined the Saffron Brigade. The well-known Congress president of the southern Dinajpur Nilanjan Roy has also present in this program.Many other leaders, including leader and former chief of CPI (M) Nirod Das Kannu Pandey also took part in this program.Beside this, many leaders of Trinamool and RSP team up in the event and sang the victory slogan for BJP holding their flag.