Mukul reaches CGO complex, faces CBI heat


Kolkata: Mukul Roy reaches the CGO complex. He is being quizzed by three CBI officers. A questionaire of twenty five questions have been prepared by the CBI. He is being questioned at the room of CBI’s Joint Directorate. On his way into the office, Mukul Roy said that he was summoned by CBI, as a result, he has visited the CGO complex. He was never involved with any kind of illegal affair, neither he was related to Saradha, added Mukul.

Friday! TMC leader! CBI! CGO complex! CBI! It might sound ominous to all the TMC leaders throughout the state, but  it is the harsh reality which has gripped the political scenario of West Bengal of late. Within a few hours people would be able to know what lies in store for the All India General secretary of TMC, Mukul Roy.

 The CBI officers have already prepared an elaborate questionaire which might make the TMC southpaw sweat. However, Mukul Roy has said that he will fully cooperate with the CBI. The security service has been tightened infront of the CGO complex. Many of the TMC supporters are likely to gather near the complex.