Mukul Roy Completed One Year In BJP


Kolkata: BJP leader Mukul has been completed one year In saffron brigade. He met governor Kesharinath Tripathi with winners in the Panchayat elections in Jangalmahal on Saturday. Coming out of Raj Bhavan on Saturday, Mukul Roy said, “I came here to met with the governor with a few selected members. Today we feel proud, that he met with us.”

The formation of a board of some areas of Panchayat elections was stuck in the Supreme Court’s verdict. Later, the court again ordered the formation of the board in the area. But, it has been seen that the Trinamool forced to stop the opposition’s winning candidates from different areas to form the Panchayat board.

He said, “Today we asked for the time from the state BJP to the Honorable Governor. He gave us time. We have not been given the nomination in Panchayat elections. Now those elected members are not allowed to enter. ”

Mukul further said, “There are 38 panchayat boards in Purulia. If the board is formed, then BJP will form 30 boards and TMC will form 8 boards. Four panchayat samiti and four gram panchayats in Jhargram are not allowed to be done. Because there BJP and others will win. We also won in Hoglabaria, Karimpur-2, MadhuGari Panchayat in Nadia.”

He started his journey from the Purulia town to Balarampur, where he will start the Lok Sabha election by giving puja at the Berada Shiva temple. Before the Panchayat elections, Mukul Roy was the convenor of the Panchayat Election Committee.

A follower of the Mukul Roy said, “Mukul made BJP party relevant in Bengal. And because of his superb performance, Mukul has got place in the National Executive Committee a few days ago. “