Mukul removed, Mamata to keep TMC ‘database’


Kolkata: He was removed from the responsibility of Parliamentary Committee. Now the responsibility of all TMC leaders, starting from block to district, has been ripped off from the All India General Secretary Of TMC, Mukul Roy. The CM of the State will now directly connect with any TMC leader if she wishes to. A special software has been developed for Mamata Banerjee which will contain all the details of the TMC leaders of all levels. Previously, this responsibility was vested on Mukul Roy. But after the recent under current between Mamata and Mukul, it is though that Mamata has willingly kept the reigns of the party in her hands.

The ‘rift’ in the party is evident. Although Mukul visited Mamata at Nabanna before flying off to Delhi on Monday, one cannot deny the fact that Mukul was rested from the respnisbility of TMc’s Parliamentary Committee last week.