Mukul Ray’s Controversial Remak On Narada Sting


Kolkata: Mukul Ray made a controversial remark on Narada Sting on Tuesday after CM Mamata Banerjee’s controversial statement on Sunday.

TMC’s Vice President, Mukul Ray said that those who are seen on the videos telecasted by Narada News, none of them took money for their personal benefit. He took full responsibility and said that let the investigation proceed, and as its result, all truth will come out.

Criticisms have already started pouring in. They have pointed out that in one hand Mukul Roy completely eliminated the notion that money was accepted, whereas on the other hand he said that no one has accepted money for their personal benefit. Such a paradoxical statement is arousing controversies everywhere.

Mamata Banerjee, on Sunday, raised huge controvery when she said that, “It is election time, that is why these videos (Narada sting) are being telecast. Nothing can be done now. Candidates have already been announced. If it was earlier, I would have thought about it. Now I am waiting for the report of the investigation into the sting,”

The party had first termed the videos as “doctored” when the Narada sting issue came into light. Later on the party decided for an internal probe. After completely ridiculing and ruling out the authenticity of the videos, which show several leaders of the Trinamul Congress Party taking bribes, the party has raised a big controversy with their continuing controversial statements.