Mukul Roy Falls Sick At Jalpesh Temple


Jalpaiguri: Mukul Roy fell sick at Jalpesh Temple in Jalpaiguri on Friday. Mukul Rai was on a visit to the temple for offering his prayers.

As per sources, Mukul Roy suffered hypoglycaemia, a condition where the blood sugar level falls at an alarming level, resulting in the person feeling sick. Mukul Roy felt giddy and fell down due to a fall in his sugar level.

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Mukul Roy had visited the Jalpesh temple at Maynaguri on Friday at 1 in the afternoon. He took part in the puja services for more than an hour. The priest gave him ‘prasad’ to eat post the prayer services. Mukul Roy at that moment told to Samarendra Bhattacharya, head priest, “I am feeling unwell. I would leave.” Saying this, he started feeling giddy.

Post this, other TMC leaders, who were with him, brought him out of the temple. He was taken to a TMC block president Sasank Roy Basuniya’s house. On receiving the news, Sandip Bagh, a health official rushed to him.

After proper meal and the essentials required in bringing up his sugar level, Mukul Roy’s health improved. Prakash Mridha, district health official, said that excessive heat accompanied by hypoglycaemia lead to Mukul Roy feeling sick.