Mukul May Get Rajya Sabha Berth From Rajasthan

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Kolkata: Finally the moment is about to come for Mukul Roy. The speculation that was budding in past few month was carrying a half truth, is set to come up with the final answer.

Within a few days, the fate of Mukul Roy will turn the table. The coming elections will speak that Roy will only be a common leader of the BJP? or will come to an end with his return to Rajya Sabha as MP of BJP.

Mukul Roy stepped away from Trinamool and also the post of MP, he was idle for few days. Many rumours was coming in light after becoming one of the major commander of Saffron brigade. The speculation was focused on Trinamool’s ‘number-2’ on his return to Rajya Sabha with BJP’s affiliation in Modi’s cabinet.

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মুকুল কোন রাজ্য থেকে প্রার্থী হবেন, বিজেপির অন্দরে জল্পনা তুঙ্গে

Mukul Roy joined BJP on 3 November, 2017. After that, it has been around four months. Still, none of these speculations came true. But then only a source from BJP told that Mukul Roy could return with a ‘promotion’ from any BJP State.

On Friday, the Election Commission announced the voting day of 58 constituencies of the entire country. Most of those seats are ruled by BJP. Especially BJP will do good in Uttar Pradesh. In Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat, there is no chance to fall. So it has a strong vibe that Mukul Roy can get a ticket from any of these states.

On Thursday, the Prime Minister met Mukul Roy. Mukul Roy spend few minitues with Narendra Modi. But it is not known what has happened in this meeting. Mukul Roy was asked about this On Friday But he did not comment. But Mukul Roy’s ‘silence’ is particularly significant to his followers.

None of the BJP leaders are willing to open their mouths. On behalf of Kolkata24x7, a number of BJP leaders were contacted over phone. But nobody wanted to say anything. However, a BJP source is not taking the issue of Mukul Roy loosely. There is a possibility of going to the Rajya Sabha from any BJP led state.

But there is a contradiction from a close circle of Mukul. They said, Mukul Roy now willing to work in the BJP organization. He wants to strengthen BJP before the panchayat vote. So, he is interested in getting an organizational position in the team, sources said.

There is a possibility of becoming a BJP observer in West Bengal. Because, according to the organizational rules of the BJP, the observer will be the voter of another state. Although Mukul Roy is a resident of this state and voter of Delhi. So, he can manage the responsibility of the organization as an observer. But it will only be possible if Kailash Bijoyborgi is removed.

BJP said, the prospects are strong as Madhya pradesh state assembly election will be held in this year. Before that vote, Kailash Bijoyborgi can get the responsibility in the state. Then there are chances of Mukul Roy being observer in West Bengal.


Reported By: Soumik Karmakar & Debomoy Ghosh.

Edited By: Susmita Das.