Mukul-Mamata tete-a-tete in Central Hall

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New Delhi: After a long time, Mamata and Mukul exchanged glances and a few little warm words at Parliament’s Central hall, during her visit in Delhi on Wednesday. The extremely short engagement which lasted about 10 to 15 secs, Mamata asked Mukul Roy, “Ei je Mukul, kemon acho? (Hi Mukul, how are you?)” Mukul smiled and answered, “Bhalo achi. Khobor ki? (I am ok, what about you?)”.

This incident has already heightened the curiosity and gossip in political arena. According to sources, Mukul Roy was on his way to Arun Jaitly’s house when he heard that Mamata was in the parliament’s Central hall. Quickly he changed his route and arrived at parliament. Later, about the tryst, Mukul Roy has commented, “Mamata is my party leader, and this is a casual meeting. There’s nothing political about it.”

After 10 months of love-lost phase, what happened all of a sudden? Mere emotional outbreak? Or a perfect political game calculated before hand? As the news of the casual meet between Mamata and Mukul broke, lot of questions have arisen in the political scenario of the state. Whether Mamata and Mukul cold relationship had been created because of politics or was it due to ego-clash?

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Though there were much more tell-tale, it is to be noted that Mukul roy hasn’t spoken anything against Mamata in the last 10 months. Due to the CBI investigations regarding Saradha Scam, Mukul had grown distances with the Party. It is to be noted, very recently even there was rumour that Mukul Roy set to form a new party. However, Mukul resides in Delhi for a long time and now Mamata is on her four day visit there. Whether Mamata-Mukul fusion to rise again or everything between them to be settled out ahead of the state assembly election, remains a big question.